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Fingkey Access

Fingkey Access is a compact, stylish & only waterproof fingerprint access control system with time attendance features available in India. Its very popular in offices, buildings for both indoor & outdoor use.

It work along with other products in NAC series like NAC2500 Plus & NAC 5000 which are most popular time attendance and access control system for all types of offices.
Are you looking for a compact & stylish access control system for your office with award winning Fingerprint matching technology ? Fingkey Access can meet all your requirements at a cost effective price and still works with central access management software like other products in NAC series
Features - Fingerprint Access control System
  • Compact and stylish design with user friendly interface
  • Waterproof at the level of IP65 for outdoor use
  • Compatible with centralized management & remote Monitoring software (Access Manager)
  • LFD (Live Finger Detection), Touch Keypad with Backlight
Models- Fingerprint Access control System
  • Fingkey Access S - Standard Model with Fingerprint & Passwords options
  • Fingkey Access M - Model with Fingerprint, Password & Mifare 13.56Mhz Cards options
  • Fingkey Access EM - Model with Fingerprint, Password & EM 125Khz Cards options
  • Fingkey Access R - Model with Fingerprint, Password & HID/EM Card 125Khz options


Fingkey Access is a compact, stylish & only waterproof fingerprint access control system available in India.Used for both indoor & outdoor.


BioAccess v2 PLUS is the New Age Device with Optional GPRS Feature to transfer the data via GSM Network.It has 7.4v inbuilt lithium battery.


Face recognition time attendance system iFace is unique face recognition access control system and latest in the series for face recognition device.