Fingkey Access is a compact, stylish & only waterproof fingerprint access control system available in India.Used for both indoor & outdoor.


BioAccess v2 PLUS is the New Age Device with Optional GPRS Feature to transfer the data via GSM Network.It has 7.4v inbuilt lithium battery.


Face recognition time attendance system iFace is unique face recognition access control system and latest in the series for face recognition device.

Our Vision

System and Solution's Vision is to provide significant leverage in meeting the growing IT needs of a global economy. In order to gain these advantages the focus of the organisation is placed upon the following objectives:

Selection and performance of highly leveraged, - Extension of research programs developed by the System & Solution community to other related application areas. - Promotion of better quality standards, process, customer responsiveness, support systems. - Pursuit of outreach programs with industries to improve worldwide safety, product quality, and economic well-being.HR Solutions, HRDesk, HR Mobile Application, HR Management software, Payroll Software. payroll, Time Office, Leave Management system, Attendance system, Biometric solutions.
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